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Humans of UNH

“I’ll never be what my girlfriend wants me to be. Yesterday she tried to get me to buy a bathing suit for Spring Break that came three inches above my knee with anchors on it. And I refused.”

“Life isn’t hard. People just say it is because they want something to bitch about.”

“It’s crazy how people don’t realize that we’re not here to be jerks. We’re here to do good things. I wake up every day and I think ‘do good things’ and ‘help other people.’ I hate traffic accidents. I hate murder scenes. I hate when people spit on me. And I hate when someone puts their hand in my face and says ‘I’m all set.’” 

“My parents wouldn’t support my rap career. So now I live in New Hampshire.”

“What would your rap name be?”

“Lil J-Walk@”

“The things I remember most about my grandfather were his hands. He had a lot of bruises, scars, and calluses on them. When he died, a part of me wanted to go with him, but one day I looked at my hands and realized that I have a lot of life left to live, a lot of bruises and scratches and scars to get on my hands. I was actually holding his hand when he died.”

“I’m currently a fifth year senior and I just changed my major again. So I’ll be coming back again in the fall for lucky year number six of being a wildcat.”

“What are three words you would use to describe yourself?”

“Hardworking, easy-going and savage.” 

“Last semester someone wrote us a napkin note that expressed how sad she was about graduating in May. She wanted to thank HoCo for all of the great holiday meals, different events we hold, the general service we provide on a daily basis, and she especially thanked us for the friendliness of the staff. It made the staff feel really great because sometimes they feel underappreciated for all of the hard work they put in to feeding 8,000 people a day. She signed the note – Appreciative Wildcat.” 

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