How To Treat A Woman Right

Before finding a permanent significant other, we all have gone through similar situations where a man has treated us awfully. I always wondered what it would be like if a man had a guide in their lives to know how to treat a woman. Have no fear, here are some tips for dummies on how to treat a woman right. 

1. Don't Be A F**k Boy

There is nothing worse than to be dealing with a f**k boy in your life. They are a waste of time, effort, and energy. 


2. Understand the meaning and consequences of a "hangry" girl. 

When a woman is starving , drop everything that you are doing and go grab her food before a monster comes out of her. 

3. Just don't lie to her... Because she will find out. 

Before you lie to a woman, think about it. Will she be more mad at you for telling the truth or lying to her? 

4. Be assertive in what you want in the relationship.

It drives me insane when I don't know what type of relationship I have with the person I like. All a woman wants to know is whether or not if this relationship is strictly exclusive, friends with benefits, or just being regular friends. Please do us a favor and be assertive on what you want!! 


5. Surprise her when she least expects it.

It doesn't have to be anything fancy or extravagent. Surprising her with little things such as food, flowers or a nice weekend getaway trip will make her heart melt.

6. Respect her,

Every woman deserves to be respected! If a man can't respect you, then you need to move on. 

7. Don't be afriad to show your emotions and feelings torwards her.

When you show your emotional side you create a connection. This creates a sense of comfortability that you two can share personal things to each other without being judged.