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How To ‘Keep Your Sh*t Together’ This Semester

So, we’ve all been there. Last minute studying, missing meetings, forgetting plans with friends, and that general feeling of chaos that every semester brings. Well, as a soon-to-be washed up senior, I have a few tips on how to get your sh*t together and keep it together this semester.

  1. Keep a goddamn planner (bet you saw this one coming). You must keep a planner and make it your holy grail. Write everything, and I mean everything in it. All of your assignments, work shifts, coffee dates, even pencil in a workout or two if you’re into that. This way you visually see what’s coming before you forget.
  2. Transfer that planner onto your computer. With everything being virtual nowadays and all of us being glued to our devices we have to keep these important dates, assignments, and shifts somewhere we have access to 24/7. Either plug them right into your computer/phones calendar or you can you a website-like notion to make it look aesthetically pleasing.
  3. Stay ahead of assignments when you have extra time. If you can, try to get some of your work done ahead of time. This way when life inevitably throws curveballs your way, or something comes up, theres no need sweat all the extra assignments that have piled up.
  4. Take time to rest. I cannot stress this tip enough. If you don’t take time to rest you may face burnout. This will only make your life more hectic and miserable. Part of college is enjoying yourself, so take time to hang out with friends, go for a walk or just watch your favorite movie. Your mental health impacts all areas of your life! So, don’t be too hard on yourself.

All in all, every semester gets a little crazy from time to time, and you’re going to make mistakes. But, that’s okay! Because each semester you leave a little wiser than you were before.

Hi! I'm Jillian Lynch, and I am a senior majoring in both Communication and Women & Gender Studies here at UNH. This is my third year writing for Her Campus and I couldn't be more excited !
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