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How to Get in the Halloween Spirit When Trick-or-Treating is No Longer an Option (According to Society)

You know when you reach that certain age, around 14-15 when people start to look at you funny because you’re still out trick-or-treating? Yeah, that’s a sad age. You feel like your childhood has finally come to end and it’s like the world is crumbling from underneath you because you can no longer go get loads of candy for free. *Sigh*

Sorry for being dramatic. I just REALLY miss trick-or-treating, okay?

While being in college, I’ve still tried to get in the Halloween spirit every year since it’s one of my favorite holidays! These are cheap easy things you can do by yourself or with your friends to get your spook on!

Have a Halloween movie marathon!

   Some of my favorites include The Addams Family (1991), Halloweentown, The Corpse Bride, Twitches, Hocus Pocus, and any Harry Potter Movies! Eat some candy and make some hot cocoa!

Buy yourself candy

   Although it’s fun to eat the candy after Halloween, scope out your nearest drugstore the days following Halloween for huge sales on all Halloween candy!

Go to a Halloween party

  Whether it be at a bar or an apartment, a party is a party, and I will be in attendance. Dress up in your best costume or throw on all black and draw some whiskers on, who cares!

Decorate your room with spooky stuff!

   Go to your local drugstore and pick up a few items to jazz up your space!

If you live in a dorm or an apartment, decorate your door for your entire building to see!

Drink a festive drink!

  Either a PSL or a chai tea latte will do the trick! Or if you’re in the northeast, check out Aroma Joe’s for some fun rush flavors such as Jack-O-Berry and the Franken rush!

just your average nursing major trying to survive:)
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