How to Stay Organized 101

Anybody who knows me knows I am always doing something. With a full course load, two jobs, an org to run, and my senior thesis, I have my hands full. I’ve really gotten my schedule down to a science and I’ve realized that time management is everything. Here are just a few of my tips and tricks to stay super organized in order to get the most done!

Buy a Planner… and Use It

I specifically use my planner for mapping out what assignments I have, my daily schedule, and little chores I might have to do throughout the day. It helps me visualize what I have to get done and how much time I have to do it. I usually write down assignments that aren’t even due until a month out, but this helps me take my time and work on those bigger assignments as time goes by, rather than cramming them in at the last minute.

Use Excel Spreadsheets

I’m certainly no business major when it comes to excel spreadsheets, but they’re honestly so great for breaking things down. I specifically use one to look at my expenses. I write out what I’m paying for, how much it is, and when it’s due. When I pay it off for the month, I bold it so I know it’s already paid for. I also make a note if something is an automatic or manual payment, so I’m not surprised when something gets taken out of my account!

Make Lists

I love lists. Like, a lot. I make lists for everything in my life. This is just another great way to visualize what I have to do. However, these lists are for everything else in my life, while the lists in my planner are only for academics. I use the sticky notes feature on my laptop and at the top I write down what the list should be composed of. I then bold and underline the title and use dashes for each thing on that list. The two lists I have at all times are To Do and Other Events. The To Do list includes all the other random things I have to do at any given time. For example, it could remind me to schedule a doctor’s appointment, go pick up cookies for a party, or send an email to someone! The Other Events list just has all my other random appointments or meetings I have. Each line includes the date, time, and what that event is.

Create a Bullet Journal

This is something I’ve been working on for a while now. Some people I know are super into it and constantly use it. They use it as a planner, inspirational guide, and organizer all in one. For me personally, I only use it on occasion. I use it to write down thoughts or feelings, as well as track how much water I’m drinking, what my mood is like, and what my workout routine is. I basically use the bullet journal as a mental health tracker so I can see my progress overtime! It’s important to keep track of these things in your life just as much as work or academics.

Develop a Routine

I am all about a routine and sticking to it. However, I’d be lying if it didn’t get a little disorganized from time to time again, but having a routine really helps me get ready for my day. This is something I’m always working on too because I realize how much it actually helps me. At night, I write down everything I need to in my planner for the next day, as well as prepare my backpack and lunch that way I have one less thing to do in the morning. In the morning, I always make my bed and drink a cup of coffee. I’ve really been into making my own iced coffee (which helps me save a little bit because I am weak when I see a coffee cart). I also make sure to eat something for breakfast. I have a super bad habit of neglecting to eat in the morning and I realize how grumpy it makes me. So, if I’m running late, I’ll make sure to at least eat a granola or cliff bar so I at least have something in my stomach. When I wake up earlier, I usually like to make some specialty toast. Sometimes it’s avocado toast with garlic powder, crushed red pepper flakes, Himalayan pink salt, and everything bagel seasoning, or peanut butter and banana toast.

Bolding, deleting, or crossing something off feels so rewarding in the end. These things really help me maximize my time and ensure that I get everything I need to get done and more. I hope these tips and tricks help you stay on top of your game!