How to Start Your Three-Year Plan

Three years seems like a long time away from today, but it will be here before you know it.  Think about where you were three years ago and where you are today. Now, think about the next three years. It’s hard to sit down and really think about all the things you want to accomplish in the next chapter of your life so, consider the following.  

Ask yourself what you really want, not what people want you to want.  This can be on the basis of education, work, relationships, literally anything.  Do you want to continue your education or settle into a job first and then go back to school? Do you want to take a year to travel? Start a YouTube channel? Go for it.  You need to be able to be comfortable with your own desires to get your three-year plan started.

Once you plan some things out that you actually want to do, look into how to achieve these goals!  Go to local areas and talk with people who are doing the things you want to do.  People really appreciate when you recognize what they’re doing as interesting or in ways life-changing.  It not only makes them feel good and more driven but will do the same for you.  You can also go right onto the handy dandy internet and look up article after article regarding the specific things you want to do.  Either way, this step will lead you to become more driven to accomplish your plans.

After you have talked with people, looked up some different opinions and step-by-step help, and maybe had an iced coffee, consider making a vision board.  This will give you more inspo regarding your future plans.  Plus, vision boards are cute and give you a lot of satisfaction when they’re done.  Your board will give you a great visual with focused points and reminders.  It’s a fun way of representing what your end goal will be. 

The cutest vision board you’ve ever made is complete, you’ve learned a bunch of new things (helpful and maybe not so helpful), met some cool people and have had many many iced coffees.  Now it’s time to put that board and all of your hard work into action!