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How Making TikToks Helped Me Form a Daily Routine

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNH chapter.

It is no secret that TikTok is one of the most popular apps today. On the app, you can watch basically anything, from dance tutorials to news interviews. When scrolling through my for you page, one of the most frequent things I see are “day in my life” videos.

“Day in my life” videos typically involve small clips of what that person did throughout the day. These can include a day on vacation, a school day, or just a typical day at home spent doing chores. These videos can be aesthetically pleasing, or just a fun way to make your days more organized. I found that the more of these videos I watched, the more inspired I became to make my own.

To create my video, I started by choosing a sound I liked. Since I usually use my phone right when I wake up, it was fairly easy to record the time I started my day for my first clip. A lot of the videos I watched included someone making their bed, brushing their teeth, and getting ready for the day, so I made sure to include these as well. As I continued with my day, whether I was getting a coffee or going to class, I found myself thinking “I should add this to my video!” and slowly but surely watched my video come all together. I found that I really enjoyed making them, not just for the sole purpose of posting and sharing with others, but to look back and be remembered of what I did even if I was the only viewer.

Eventually, making these videos became something I looked forward to and I realized I was forming a daily routine by doing so. For me personally, it’s quite easy to think I must be doing tons of activities each day to be considered a “productive” person. However, through watching and creating these types of videos myself, I found that even the simplest tasks are productive, even if they don’t necessarily feel like it. In addition, on the days I’m feeling unmotivated, thinking of creating something that I enjoy making has helped me push myself to get things done, and has overall made me feel better about my day to day life.

I’m a sophomore from Lynn, Massachusetts and I’m a political science major!