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How to Make Healthy Eating Easier

Consistently eating healthy is tough, I get that.  When someone suggests ordering takeout or getting ice cream for a night in, it takes every ounce of self control to say no. Here are a few tips to make eating healthy a little easier:


1) One word: Pinterest.  Pinterest is the answer to absolutely everything and anything.  I am by no means a master chef so I love looking up healthy and easy recipes to make.  Also Pinterest has a number of example grocery lists in case you’re ever stuck on what healthy foods you should be buying.


2) Plan your grocery lists in advance.  When you have a written list in front of you it is easier to see what exactly you are buying.  Also with a written list you are less likely to wander up and down the snack aisles slipping goodies off the shelves.  You’re on a mission for healthy foods.

3) Plan a couple of nights a week to stay in and cook.  If you plan what you’re going to make ahead it’ll be easier to make food savvy decisions.  You can try some of the new recipes you’ve been dying to try.  Also if you plan on cooking you won’t have to think about looking through the takeout menu drawer especially if you’ve already pulled out foods to thaw during the day.

4) Cook with friends.  Even if you and your friends aren’t experts in the kitchen, cooking with friends is always way more fun. 

5) Try healthier alternatives or versions of your favorite foods.  Since pasta and pizza aren’t good to be eating everyday try a healthier alternative.  Eggplant pizzas are a tasty alternative to the real thing.  Also, ever since I tried spaghetti squash I haven’t thought twice about switching back to pasta.

Sure eating greasy pizza and taking a whole tub of Ben&Jerry’s to the face sounds a lot more enticing than eating a plateful of veggies, but eating healthier can be made a whole lot easier and fun when you have people to share it with.  Also eating healthy leaves you feeling a lot better afterwords compared to the food baby you’ll be nursing after that third slice of pizza.

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