How to Enjoy A Snow Day

Everyone's favorite part about second semester. Who doesn't love a day off from classes and all responsibilities?! Here are some tips to insure your snow day is everything you needed and more.

1. Sleep In!

Take this time to catch up on all those lost hours up late at night studying, working and going out on the weekends. With a full day off this is the perfect time to hit the snooze button a few more times than you normally would and get back some sleep you've lost. Not big into sleeping in? Relax in bed a little longer than you normal would and chill out for a bit. A bit of relaxation is a great start to your day off.

2. Make yourself a big breakfast

Rushing out in the morning is a typical routine of many students with early classes, so not enjoying a filling breakfast is also pretty common. Take this day off to enjoy a nice homemade breakfast that will keep you full all morning. Chef up your favorite meal whether it be eggs, pancakes, waffles, oatmeal or anything else you wouldn't normally have a whole lot of time to make during your normal schedule. Not up for cooking on your own? If roads aren't too bad to travel head out with some friends to grab breakfast around campus.

3. Get Creative

Do you get bored easily sitting inside snowed in? Get your creative juices flowing and expand your mind! Redecorate your room by changing around the furniture for a fresh start. Not into moving around your room? Maybe try creating some new playlists to listen to at the gym or even just walking around campus. Change is good and refreshing while being stuck in the same routine.

4. Stay Focused

Although snow days are focused around not having class, make sure you stay caught up on any work professors may assign online. As much as students want the entire day off, some professors may still send out lesson plans and assignments to stay on track for when classes start back up.

5. Catch up with friends

With busy schedules it can be hard to hangout with some friends without school work being involved. Take this day off to not only catch up on school work but see those friends you don't normally get a chance to see that frequently! Grab your favorite snacks and pick out some classic movies you guys all love and have yourself a day!