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Homecoming Bleacher Etiquette

We’ve all done it; sitting in the bleachers, tweeting about something or fixing your hair when all of the sudden everyone’s cheering and you have absolutely no idea what’s going on. Here are some tips so you don’t get yelled at by a Wildcat super fan.

1) WEAR SCHOOL COLORS!! : Although your bright pink Victoria’s Secret sweatshirt may be comfortable, don’t try to stand out in a bad way. Wearing your school colors is an almost effortless way to show school spirit. You have so many ways to create outfits around your school gear.

2) Don’t be “that girl”: If your tailgating activities are making you feel a little more courageous and spirited than normal, that is awesome, just make sure that you have appropriate timing. It’s perfectly acceptable to jump up and down and scream at the top of your lungs, but be 100% positive about your timing before you embarrass yourself.

3) Use face paint: Just don’t forget that you’re wearing it! Face paint is a fun and creative way to spark up an outfit, but a streak of blue running down your cheek is a sign of a hot mess.

4) Do be a classy fan: Don’t boo, swear, or get way into the game. Don’t yell in someone’s ear. Don’t paint your entire stomach and show it for the whole game; it’s October ladies. Don’t yell about players in a non-game-related way. Don’t yell “Number 48 has a nice butt!” if his entire family could be around you.

Here are some tips from the UNH Head Cheerleading Coach and Group Sales & Marketing Coordinator for the Athletic Department, Mary LeRose:

1. Arrive on time for the game! Attendance doubles at homecoming, averaging 14,000 fans per game over the last few years. Most fans get in line for tailgating at 7 a.m, and students should aim to get to the student section by 11-11:30

2. Bring your friends with you! Homecoming is always a good time but it can be made even better if you bring your friends with you. The student section is [also] a great opportunity to meet new students. You get to sit with your fellow Wildcats, get a full view of the field. You earn points for sitting there; some of the prizes you can win by being a member of the ‘Cat Pack Student Section are an iPhone, Red Sox Tickets, Patriots Tickets, T-Shirts, Pizza, and more!

3. Halftime is a great opportunity to go to the bathroom or get food. There is an excellent French fry stand located right next to the student section so be sure to bring some cash with you. You can also hang out behind the student section stands and mingle with some other students.

4. Don’t leave early: At the start of the fourth quarter, the team raises four fingers to show the other team that [they] are not tired and [they] haven’t lost steam. By leaving early it sends the message to the parents, visiting team, alumni, coaches, and players that you are not interested in supporting your school. If you leave early you could miss something extraordinary like a comeback win or an overtime win or storming the field.

When all else fails and you don’t know what to do, just go with what the majority of the crowd is doing. If everyone gets up and cheers, join them. If everyone is silent, don’t choose that moment to yell go Wildcats. Most importantly, have fun and don’t be ashamed to show some school spirit!


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