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HerGuide to Jet-Setting

– Keep a small toiletries bag with you: Nothing makes you feel or look worse than spending hours seated in a pressurized air cabin. Especially on overnight flights, it is refreshing to go to the restroom, remove your makeup, and brush your teeth. I always bring toothpaste, a toothbrush, and makeup removing wipes. Be sure that any liquids are under 3 ounces and in a Ziploc bag.

– Hand sanitizer too! Fun fact – a recent study by Charles Gerba at the University of Arizona found traces of norovirus, the influenza virus, diarrhea and MRSA on airplane tray tables, surfaces that are rarely sanitized. Avoid contact with these nasty surfaces by carrying a small (less than 3 ounce) hand sanitizer in your carry-on. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth when flying. 

– Drink water: You can’t bring it through security, but once you are at your gate, do yourself a favor and buy a bottle. Even with beverage service, it is hard to stay hydrated on a flight, and no one can look good or enjoy their final destination with a nagging, dehydrated headache.

– Stay organized: Carry on luggage is big and it is easy for small, important documents to get lost among your clothes and travel pillow. Keep documents like your itinerary, passport, and boarding passes separate in a folder or small purse.

– Dieting? Eat before you fly: the average coach airplane meal has 1,054 calories. Such processed food is loaded with sodium and sugar as well. To avoid overeating or blowing your diet, grab something healthier before you fly. But if you’re going on vacation, why are you dieting at all? Carbs don’t count above 30,000 vertical feet anyway. 

– Bundle up or bring layers: Maybe it’s just me, but I am always freezing when I fly. That’s because the temperature decreases dramatically as your elevation increases, but also because many flight attendants keep it cold since they’re constantly moving. On longer flights, you might receive a thin blanket, but I always bring a cute sweater or scarf to keep me warm.

– What should you wear? In the past, flying was a privilege of the wealthy, and it was common to wear your best threads. Now you are more likely to see sweatpants and flip-flops. My advice is to find a middle ground in your attire, and dress as if you were going to class. Comfort is important, but it’s hard to be truly comfortable when you look like a slob. 

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