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Hair Tutorial: Fishtail Braid, Waterfall Braid

Braided styles are a huge trend this year and look great with nearly any look, but can sometimes be hard to master. Here are two tutorials for great braided styles that work well with any hair type and can pull together a look in no time.

Fishtail Braid:
            For a smoother looking braid, apply a bit of product and brush your hair out first. For a messier looking braid, simply use the natural texture of your hair.
            Step 1: Gather hair at the nape of the neck on one side. To make it a bit easier you may tie your hair into a pony with a clear elastic to hold it in place. This elastic would have to be cut out once you are done with your braid.
            Step 2: Split hair into two sections.
            Step 3: Take a small piece of hair from the outside of one section and cross it over and into the opposite section. This piece is now part of the other section.
            Step 4: Repeat Step 3 using a piece of hair from the outside of the section of hair not used in Step 3.
            Step 5: Repeat this pattern until the braid is at your desired length.
            Step 6: Secure with an elastic and spray with a light holding hair spray to protect your style from falling out.

            For a smoother braid, be sure to pull your hair tight and secure while making your braid. For a messier look, you can pull at the sides of your finished braid to loosen it and allow for some hair to fall.

Waterfall Braid:
            This style works best with smoother, easier to handle hair. But, using thick, curly hair will create more of a messy look that can always be pulled off.
            Step 1: Gather a small section of hair at top of your head, next to your part. Section into three pieces.
            Step 2: Start the style like you would a normal braid by crossing the outside sections of hair over the center piece twice.
            Step 3: Before continuing, add in a piece of hair to the top section of your braid and drop the bottom section.     
            Step 4: Leaving the dropped bottom section hanging, pick up a new piece behind the fallen section. This new piece will take the place in your braid for the piece that you dropped.
            Step 5: Continue the style by repeating the pattern of braiding, adding in hair to the top piece, dropping the bottom section and replacing it with a piece behind it. When the braid is as long as you would like, secure with an elastic.


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