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Grocery Shopping in College Without Mom

We’ve had to adjust in many ways while being independent in college. Who knew grocery shopping would be one of the hardest things?! Every time we arrive to the grocery store seems to be an anxiety-filled disaster without our moms by our sides.

Here is a list of foods your mom would want you to buy VS. foods your college self craves:

College Brain:  Ramen!! Whether it be for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a late night snack, ramen always seems to do the trick.


MOM:  Without eliminating Ramen all together, try loading it with some fresh vegetables to make it more filling and healthy!  Your mom would be proud.


College Brain: Who wouldn’t want a dinner that only takes 2 minutes to cook in the microwave?? Easy Mac may always be an easy go-to dinner, but it’s filled with tons of preservatives and fake cheese.


MOM:  Try buying whole grain pasta and sprinkling fresh shredded cheese on top.  It tastes almost exactly the same and doesn’t cost much more either. 


College Brain:  The easiest grab-and-go snack has to be a bag of potato chips, but they’re not necessarily the best for you.

MOM:  Try buying either veggie chips or Pirates Booty, they have all of the crunch and satisfaction of a potato chip, but a lot less guilt!


College Brain: While roaming the cereal aisle at the grocery store, the brands that always seem to catch the eyes of college students all over are usually the most sugary.


MOM:  An easy alternative for cereal would be to buy trail mix or granola.  Add milk and it tastes even better than Cocoa Puffs, and a lot healthier too!


College Brain:  Tired? Red bull is always a quick fix. Oh, plus a flavor shot which is sold at about every coffee stand on campus. Yasss.

MOM:  An easy energy boost can come from drinking lots of liquids throughout the day. If water doesn’t work try tea to increase your energy levels.  It is important to try to stay away from sugary energy drinks, which cause you to crash.

We’ve all been warned about the freshman 15… but nobody, not even mom, can warn you about the years to come. So, keep mom’s wishes in mind next time you go to shop.

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