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Gift Ideas To Make Valentine’s Day Special With That Special Someone

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner and I know we are all thinking the same thing: what do I get my significant other? Personally, I think it is one of the hardest holidays to shop for. Shopping for Valentine’s Day isn’t like buying them gifts for Christmas or their birthday, it is finding this perfect combination of what is cheesy enough but not too cheesy at the same time. This can take a while to contemplate and think about, but it is coming way faster than it feels like. Here are some ideas to get your partner for Valentine’s Day so you don’t have to spend too much time thinking about it as I did. 

  1. Flowers: This gift can be for anybody because who doesn’t love flowers? They look pretty, smell good and lift the mood in the atmosphere that they reside in. Any flowers will do, like the basic red roses we associate with Valentine’s Day, but there are so many different beautiful flowers out there to choose from that your partner will love. Get the flower that maybe reminds you of them and I am positive they will love it!
  2. Candy: As somebody who likes chocolate on occasion but isn’t obsessed with it, I say candy to give it a broader scope. Everyone knows the basic heart box of chocolates which is always a go-to, but maybe expand the horizons this year. Get your partner their favorite candy in a heart box. It doesn’t have to be chocolates year after year and it keeps it more fun because they won’t be able to guess what you are getting them!
  3. Stuffed animals: Even though this is a cliche gift, it is still super cute. You can find their favorite animal or maybe an animal that could be sentimental to you both. This category can also range in size, species, color and more. There is definitely a stuffed animal out there that would be perfect for everybody and perfect for your partner. Better get rummaging through those 10 piles of stuffed animals at the store to find the right one!
  4. Coupon books: I think that this can be such a meaningful gift because it can give your partner the tools to advocate and receive what they need without having to directly say it. For example, “One Free Hug” seems like a simple cute idea but it could help your partner when they want or need a hug, but feel like they can’t ask for one. Plus, it is fun to decorate and make. This gift is an amazing idea because it also adds a bit of sentiment to the holiday! 
  5. Pictures together: I think printing out pictures of you and your significant other is a great gift whether that’s on normal paper photo or a Polaroid picture. It shows how much spending quality time with them matters to you. It also does show some effort, same as the coupon books which I think are the best type of gifts, especially for a holiday like Valentine’s Day. I know I have procrastinated going to the store and getting pictures printed so I feel like it is a meaningful gesture that your partner would go through that trouble for you. Have some fun with it, make it a collage or a scrapbook, or even just hand them to your partner individually. I just know they will appreciate this gift!

I hope the beginning of the semester is going well for everybody. The semester is already flying by and before we know it, it will be spring break. Remember to enjoy February and have fun this Valentine’s season. I hope my gift ideas help you decide what to get your partner for this Valentine’s Day.

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