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When you go to your first general admission concert, the scene can get a little crazy. There’s no seats, the venue is usually small, and everyone is crammed together. So before you go, here are some tips I wish I knew before my first general admission concert. 

  1. Get There Early!

Do you love a band a lot and you wanna get the best view? Get there early. Trust me the wait is worth it. You can make new friends with people in line, bands usually hand out free music, and you may even see your favorite artist while you’re waiting in line. I tend to get there 5 hours before a concert if the weather is good, and 2 if it’s raining or snowing.

     2.Don’t Park in the City!

If the concert is in the city and there is only one parking garage or there is just nowhere to park, see if someone can drop you off. It will make your life so much easier to not have to wait four hours to get out of the parking lot

     3. Bring water!

If you know you’re going to be waiting in line for a long time, bring water or a snack. Though you can’t bring them into the concert, you’re definitely not going to spend more than you have to on a bottle of water while you wait.

    4. Don’t bring anything valuable!

General admission concerts are known to be pretty crazy, so you don’t want to bring anything that could get ruined. A few things I have had ruined from past experience are bags, sunglasses, jackets, and nicer shoes.

    5. Dress comfy!

Sure you want to look nice for a night out at a concert, but you will be crammed in a small room with a couple hundred people, so it is usually more worth it to be comfortable. It gets very hot. My go to is usually a pair of sneakers, jeans, a tank top, and a jacket that I can tie around my waist in case it gets really hot (which it probably will).

    6. Try to Stand in the Middle

So now that you’re finally in the venue, you have to decide where to stand. You should aim to stand as much in the middle as you can, because as the concert goes on and you start to get pushed around a little bit, I’ve noticed the crowd tends to push people towards the side. Being in the middle at first will help you stay pretty much in the same spot the whole time.

     7. Don’t Bring a Bag

I know this seems hard, but you really don’t need a bag. As long as you have some money, your keys, and your phone, you should be all set. You don’t need a portable charger because you really shouldn’t be on your phone at the concert, you should be enjoying it instead.

Hopefully these tips were helpful to you and you use them at your next general admissions concert!


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