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Freshman Year at UNH, as Told by The Office

Students swarming your car to unload your stuff on move-in day


When your advisor is going over your graduation requirements during orientation


Embarrassing yourself at least once… or five times.


Enjoying every Saturday


Experiencing your first midterm week


Your floor arguing about who is leaving hair in the drain


People at home asking how school is going​


Trying to beat the line in Union Court 


Not being able to and watching someone cut the line


Coming home at Thanksgiving, pretending to be a far more mature and educated person

When your professor assigns a whole weekend worth of homework


Not knowing what’s going on at school-wide events

“I knew exactly what to do. But in a much more real sense, I had no idea what to do”- Michael Scott


Just needing to go home for the weekend

“I am running away from my responsibilities, and it feels good”- Michael Scott


When you run into your RA and they ask you about the weekly social

“I would not miss it for the world. But if something came up I would definitely not go.”​- Michael Scott


Spending the whole week studying for one test


Hitting the midpoint of the semester

“I’m optimistic, but every day I get a little more desperate” – Michael Scott


Trying to not look like a freshman (for literally everything you do)

Getting through the week before break


Going to your first party

“If my parents see this, I am toast.” – Creed Bratton


And then leaving when it probably gets busted…


All of your money going to tuition, DHOP and Wild Kitty


Looking at your bed at the end of the day


Despite the trauma of Freshman year, you will look back and miss it


So, enjoy the chaos


Hey! I'm Rowan and I'm a political science major at the University of New Hampshire. I love connecting with people through writing and I'm thrilled to be apart of Her Campus :)
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