Freshman Year Thank You's

I have a lot of people to thank for making my freshman year so special, here we go...


To My Roomie:

Thank you for pushing, or occasionally kicking, me out of my comfort zone. For routine Monday nights with major psychosis and long lib days and basement nights together. For sharing your favorite Cody Ko videos and songs from The Dirty Jerz. Thank you for concerts, antics, and beauty tutorials. I swear I’m trying to figure out a trip to the 973. Cheers to our next couple slices of pizza to share together.


To Friends From Classes and Clubs:

Thank you for making my sometimes shy-self be happy to befriend you. For finding people to look forward to seeing in a class that is not exciting or making a club worth going to on a night with a ton of homework. Thank you for saying hi or having quick conversations on campus. For helping with articles or meeting topics and sending homework answers. Side note, Thank U, Next to group projects.


To My Neighbors:

Thank you for becoming fast friends. For joining me in lovingly teasing our baddie. Thank you for entertainment ranging from trailer park boy nights to loud hilarious fights for us to hear through the walls. For dinners in and nights out. For tarot readings and alien stories. Thank you for chatting, crying, ranting, and laughing. We’ll miss your knocking ding-dong-ditches next year even if they make us scream.


To My Boy Besties:

Thank you for trips to Savers, Target, and Chipotle of course. For making my bed, but also helping me destroy it just by sitting on it for ten minutes. For gossiping in the lib basement while also squeezing in some studying. Thank you for shamelessly jamming out during car rides, most memorably going to Bosto-o-on. Get ready for (probably daily) visits next year.


Freshman year was definitely a memorable one, thank you to everybody who helped make it so great.