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Five ways to stay connected with your school

When we graduate from UNH, a hefty trail of assignments and credits that permitted our graduation will be left behind us. All of the strenuous hours studying for exams and taking diligent notes in class will amount to a Bachelor’s Degree in your area of study. Hopefully you can recount your experiences at UNH and remember times not fully confined by library walls or lecture halls. The truth is, although your college experience should be rooted in your area of study, not all things can be learned from books or lectured by your professors.  Some things need to be experienced outside of your zone of comfort, away from the confines of the requirements and experienced all on your own.

After years of putting forth your best effort and several assignments of your best work, you’ll want to feel a sense of connection with the alma mater you dedicated your time and exhausted efforts to. These are some of the ways you can feel connected to your school during your time as a Wildcat and leave your mark.

1.Register for Campus Connection

Campus Connection is an amazing service that UNH offers to its students. It is a weekly email newsletter that includes all of the events going on around campus, which include anything from sports games to MUB lectures, as well as the meeting times of school organizations. The newsletter arrives in your registered email every Sunday at 5 p.m. and includes anything and everything you need to know about the happenings of campus. I would definitely recommend taking advantage of this service!

To sign up, click here: http://www.unhmub.com/involvement-leadership/commuter-student-services/campus-connection-registration

2.Read The New Hampshire/JOIN

The New Hampshire is our school newspaper and it is awesome! Its index contains events for the week that are taken from Campus Connection. This newspaper is solely student run and its contents are written by students just like you! This is a sure fire way to read up on the important events and news of campus. If you are a contributing or staff writer, you get to execute the pitches that are assigned. Pitches are offered stories to investigate and write about, and these topics range anywhere from MUB lectures to new organizations on campus and more! If you want to be a part of a great team of writers and reporters, then go to meetings in MUB room 132 every Monday at 8 p.m.!

3.Utilize Wildcat Link

UNH offers over 335 clubs on Wildcat Link. This is a resource offered to all UNH students that includes all of the extracurricular activities that UNH has to offer, as well as a brief description. There is even a possibility to limit your search down to a key word in order to ensure that the results cater to your interests. Being involved around campus is arguably the best way to get outside of your comfort zone, meet new people and highlight your multifaceted interests and skills. This is a sure way to represent something much bigger for yourself and an opportunity to drive a powerful organization forward for generations to come.

To sign up, click here:


4.Take a leading position in the organization of your choice

This is a sure way to make a name for yourself and feel a sense of pride and connection with your school. There’s nothing quite like being associated with a group of people who feel a communal desire to drive a powerful team forward. It is also an amazing opportunity to meet new people and feel a sense of purpose on campus. Not to mention it looks great on your resume! Check out Wildcat Link for any organizations you would be interested in taking a leading role!

5.Go to office hours

Not only does going to office hours help to improve your grades, but it also allows you to form a professional relationship with your professor that you otherwise would not be able to create. This is the best way to form a connection with your professor. Any effort you make towards introducing yourself and showing your professor you have an interest in their class and a drive to do well will only benefit you. This relationship will only further their initiative to invest in your success and this may lead to a mentoring relationship. It could have the potential to create a networking opportunity for you where a professor uses their knowledge and experience to get you ahead. This could even include recommending internship opportunities to you! Try it out! And who knows, you may just be able to find out what to know for the final…

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