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As a dancer, I have a special connection to music. The rhythm speaks to my body and helps bring the song to life through movement. It is the most freeing feeling and the easiest way for me to express myself. I’m not quite sure how I am able to dance on a stage in front of hundreds of people, yet can’t present a short speech to a class of twenty without freaking out… I have been dancing since the age of three, and have grown up on the stage.

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It always amazes me when I am able to remember aspects of a dance from years ago, simply because the song was played. Music is so connected to our memories, and can instantly bring us back to moments in our lives. I’m sure many of you can recite every word of Super Bass by Nicki Minaj without missing a beat, but have trouble memorizing dates for your history exam. Our brain holds a special place for music; our universal language. 

It is incredible how much music is a part of our lives. Whether we are having a special event and need that perfect playlist, or working out and need that pump-up song. Music fuels our emotions, brings people together, and is the soundtrack to our lives. In our society, we idolize music and musicians. We gather for concerts to be in awe of an individual’s ability to captivate an audience through song. The energy in a packed arena of people hanging on a performer’s every word is a truly unmatched feeling that everyone should have the joy of experiencing. Also, the vulnerability of music and songwriting is moving. People write and listen to songs that speak to very deeply rooted personal experience. I know there are certain songs that I play on repeat when I am struggling with something, and they always help me recover. It is comforting to know that you can feel the same emotions an artist was feeling when they wrote a certain song. It is a very unique human connection.  

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Unsplash, Anthony Delanoix
I was scrolling through my Spotify profile the other day, and felt like I was looking into my soul. I have created playlists for events, seasons, moods, time of day, working out, writing, dedicated to people, you name it. Almost like a journal, a set of playlists shows growth. It is fun to pick out certain times in my life and see what songs filled my days. A playlist can also be a wonderful display of love or gratitude. I have created several playlists or or “mix-tapes” for my boyfriend. The songs I choose are like mini love letters, and perfectly emulate the way he makes me feel. For those who may be in a long-distance relationship, creating a playlist is a lovely way to show your significant other that you are thinking of them, and the special songs you share will strengthen your bond from afar. 

As we are experiencing this socially distant time, music can be a wonderful way to connect and find comfort. Listening or writing songs that express happiness, resilience, hope, and other positive entities can be heartwarming. It is important that we remain united during this time, while finding ways to spread optimism and support those who are most affected. What better way to do this than through our universal language? 

So, I challenge all of you to share a song or collection of songs with someone to make their day a little brighter and remind them of their value in their life. We will get through this together! 

Here is a link to my “feel good tunes” playlist on my Spotify account if you are interested! :)  https://open.spotify.com/playlist/20el30Q04vdFgkcvNG5Mbx?si=FvMXwWuFQ6q1…

Carpe diem. Xo.

Hello! My name is Emily and I am a Senior at the University of New Hampshire studying Nutrition+Wellness. I love food, dogs, and the beach! I am excited to bring you on my journey of living well as a college student!
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