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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNH chapter.

We’ve all heard of the Sunday scaries. The heavy weight of Monday approaching and the homework you leave until Sunday night in one huge pile. You try to relax, but all of your responsibilities sit at the back of your head while you watch your current binge on Netflix.

            Our second semester is well on its way with Spring Break next week, marking the middle of the semester. It wasn’t easy coming back to campus after being home for more than a month. During this time most of us weren’t able to visit our college friends because of distance and busy working schedules. I knew I was excited to see my friends again, but I was also a little nervous about how well we would reconnect. Not to mention that we begin the housing for next semester the first of February. Friendships are put to the test at this time because we have to make hard decisions about future living arrangements. This is what I call the February scaries.

            By the time February rolls around, we have strong bonds with the friends we had made at the beginning of semester one. Although we have a pretty good understanding of one another, it can change in an instant. February is the time where friendships are tested, especially by the winter moodiness and next year’s housing hanging over our heads.  This is not a time to worry, because true friends will stick by you through all the headaches and hiccups you go through while adjusting back to college life.

            We’ve made it through the hard part, and now it’s time to celebrate the end of the February scaries! I hope everyone enjoys their Spring Break, whether you’re skiing in the mountains, laying on the beach, or just chilling at home.



Hey everyone! I'm Josie and I'm so excited to live out my Carrie Bradshaw dreams through her campus UNH! I'm majoring in Journalism and I hope to write what I'm most passionate about. I love music, movies that change my perspective, and strong female characters. I hope to travel in the future and gain knowledge about different parts of the world through my writing.