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Favorite Sitcom Moments That You Can Relate To Right About Now

Now that we’re a little past that half way point in the semester, things in the school year usually start to seem like they’re going downhill fast. That second of the three exams was a lot harder than you had expected, the food in the dining halls doesn’t seem to be as good as it used to and the papers that you have to write are piling up quickly. Thanksgiving break is just around the corner and just in time because two weeks from now, a break is going to be the most well deserved thing on the planet. Until then, keep your head up and enjoy these little instances in everyone’s favorite sitcoms that are more than relatable to anyone this time of year.              

1. “I wish I could, but I don’t want to” (Friends)

Somebody asks if you want to go to the gym with them and this is the first thing that runs through your mind. On a good day, you might just end up on that elliptical and you pray it’s the one that doesn’t have the moving arm things. 


2. And the fact that you actually got your butt to the gym definitly justifies the stop on the way back at Wild Kitty to get some Ben & Jerry’s to save for later that night (and probably a little right away as well) 

3. “I’m speechless. I have no speech” (Seinfeld) 

We’ve all sat in the library and conversed about the next big exam trying to figure out what in the world the answer is to that one question on the study guide. And we’ve all sat there hoping that someone else knows because we literally can form no words on the matter. 

4. Then when you check blackboard and miraculously, you got a 91 pecent. (Seinfeld)

5. “There’s too many people on this earth. We need a new plague.” (The Office)

Thoughts as you walk through HoCo during the during the dinner rush.


6. “Oh. My. God.” (Friends)

As you listen to your friend talk about the new creepy thing that that one boy did over the weekend in an attempt to get her attention. AGAIN. (She stopped liking you after the first two weeks! Its been almost two months! Take the hint.)

7. “I tried to make ramen in the coffee pot and I broke everything” (Parks and Rec)

The things we will do for food are limitless. 

8. “I’m running away from my responsiblities and it feels so good.” (The Office)

As you strut out of the library knowing that you could have gotten so much more homework done but instead your going to head back to your bed for a quick (2 hour) nap before dinner. 

9. Reassuring your roommate she looks totally fine as she leaves in sweats with her hair looking a little slicker than usual and yesterdays makeup still trying to make an appearance. (Seinfeld)

10. “If you want to receive emails about my upcoming shows please give me money so I can buy a computer” (Friends)

Begging for money in a low-key manner whenever and wherever you can. Even if its probably not the correct thing to do. 


11. What you say to yourself every morning when you wake up. This usually doesnt go as well as planned. (Parks and Rec)

12. It’s like Descartes says, “In order to determine whether we can know anything with certainty, we first have to doubt everything we know.” (How I Met Your Mother)

Taking an exam and you know that you know that the answer is “A” but then again you remember reading something about “polarity” in that one paragraph somewhere so maybe that’s correct. But the answer has got to be “A”. But then again it could be the “polarity” one. Or maybe it could be letter “D” except that looks like the one purposefully trying to trip me up. Ok so “A”. Oh no. Why are there 4 A’s in a row. Whatever I’m going with it.    

11. You just ate way too much cheesy bread and probably exceeded the normal amount of cookies meant to b eaten in one day but… (Friends)


12. “Ohh. right right right…” (Seinfeld)

You say talking to your really smart friend pretending like you knew the answer all along to the question you just asked her. 

13. “Why don’t you explain this to me like I’m 5”

Then realizing three hours after sitting in the library that you really do need her help to actually learn the information. (The Office)

14. Throwing your Aroma Joes coffee cup across the room at 10 PM and making the trashcan. At least you’ve got something going right in life. (Friends)

15. Finally finishing your last class on friday and walking out the doors like (Seinfeld)

If your having a rough day while crawling towards Thanksgiving break, remember that we have all been there and apparently, so have all your favorite characters.  

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