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Fall Girls’ Night Guide

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNH chapter.

Fall night with the girls is always a fun time. College is an amazing four years of our lives and making the most of it includes getting into all the fall fun. Fall gives such good vibes and energy; it is one of the best seasons, especially if you go to a school in New England like I do.

Buy Pumpkins

Get some pumpkins to decorate the apartment, paint or carve! This is always so fun to do with friends and you can get creative. You can even do a competition and let your Snapchat or Instagram followers vote on the winner. Carving pumpkins is always such a fun activity to do and I always get reminded of all my childhood memories of doing it with my family. Pumpkins are relatively cheap at the grocery store and make a great decoration once you have painted or carved them to show off to friends!

Baking Competition

Before starting the girls’ night, get the ingredients to bake cookies or brownies from scratch or a box of mix! Have a baking competition amongst your friends. Bake a spooky cake and have someone vote on the spookiest! Decorating cookies is also fun and easy to set up. A little competition never hurt anyone, and it makes it more fun if you create a prize to compete for. Even if you don’t want to make a competition and make a whole game of it, who doesn’t love making and eating sweet treats?

Spooky Movie

After baking all the sweet treats, watching a movie is the perfect way to hang with the girlies. During the fall, many streaming services have special Halloween movies on for the special time of the year, whether it’s a classic Halloween movie or even a horror movie to spook everyone. On the colder nights, it is always fun to bake some cookies and watch a movie in your pajamas with your girls.

Themed Drink Night

One fun way to dive into the fall spirit is doing a themed drink night after your favorite fall items, movies, shows or characters! Everyone has to make a mocktail or cocktail (if you’re 21+) of their choice. I have seen these trends all over social media and it seems like such a fun way to bond and get creative with your friends. You can get really creative with this and make fun drinks to try and find new ones you love!

Fall semester is so exciting — being back on campus with your friends and making new friends as you start the new year or just start college! Having a girls’ night in is always the best way to chill with your friends and get closer. Elevate your girls’ night by enjoying fall festivities during such an amazing time of year.

Victoria is a senior marketing and management major at the University of New Hampshire. She can most likely be reading her Kindle, watching 'New Girl' or 'Too Hot To Handle', or traveling!