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Essential Google Extensions For College

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNH chapter.

Google Extensions are extremely helpful for almost any website you’re on. For shopping and schoolwork, some extensions are essential for every college student. If your school uses Canvas to host all of your classes as UNH does, I have found some extensions that have helped me level up my Canvas page!


Honey is helpful for all of your shopping needs. Once you add it to your Chrome, online stores usually scan coupon codes available, earn rewards and track prices amongst the other websites. I have saved a lot of money, especially during the holiday season using this tool. Honey has been a staple on my laptop for years!

better canvas

I always like to customize my Canvas page to have it look more aesthetic. This extension allows you to go beyond Canvas standard customization and go even further. Better Canvas was super fun to use to customize your class cards and have a GPA calculator right there.

task for canvas

Task for Canvas is beneficial to lay out all your assignments right on the dashboard. I love this feature and enjoy checking it off the list. The extension has a pinwheel of all your class assignments that fills up to 100% each week as you complete the assignments. Sometimes I have trouble relying on the calendar feature on Canvas itself, but the Task for Canvas helps me with that, so I manually add the assignments that professors don’t have in there.

Victoria is a senior marketing and management major at the University of New Hampshire. She can most likely be reading her Kindle, watching 'New Girl' or 'Too Hot To Handle', or traveling!