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Does a Desk Really Make a Difference?

Does a desk really make that much of a difference? The answer is yes! I learned that one the hard way for sure. Having had a desk at school and access to the library for the past two years, I had no reason to have a desk at home anymore! So, coming home and transitioning to online learning, I was desk-less for the first couple of days. 


At first I really didn’t think too much into it. I woke up and just did homework in bed, got some food and took a break and went right back to bed to finish more homework. But as the days went on, I began to have more knots and aches in my back (no, I don’t have COVID-19!). But after spending the entire day on Tuesday doing homework in my bed, I talked to my mom and she insisted that we break out my old desk so I have a proper place to study. And let me tell you, it was the best decision. I unpacked my desk things from school, got a couple of new plants, lit a candle, and got to work!. I have been more focused, not looking at my phone as much, my back is feeling much better, and I am feeling much more organized and clear-headed. 


So, the next time you think about doing homework in bed or anywhere other than at a table with a chair, think again. You will see major benefits in being able to organize your school work in one place, and in times like these, recreating your desk at school might give you a little bit of comfort, I know it does for me.    

Hi:) I'm a junior at the University of New Hampshire majoring in Communication and minoring in Business Administration! Aside from writing for HerCampus, I am usually either doing homework or going to the gym. But, when I have a free second I love hanging out with friends, scrolling through Pinterest, or getting outside and going running or hiking! :)
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