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The Difference between Cute, Clingy and Crazy

In today’s day and age, the dating scene has become quite scandalous compared to the black and white naivety of our parents’ generation. Going out and hooking up with people on the weekend under the influence of something or another has sadly become part of the norm. Partying aside, however, there are still those rare occurrences when two people truly like each other and begin to fall into a whirlwind of stomach butterflies and awkward handholding. Unfortunately, there are some instances when one person falls harder than the other, and a big reason being for this is to what degree of emotion the other person handles themselves. Thus, for all you men out there who find yourself liking a girl more than she likes you…it is crucial to keep in mind: there is a HUGE difference between being cute, clingy and crazy.

A girl thinks it’s cute when you…

  • Text her not only on the weekends when you’re drunk…ie: mid-week to check in and see how classes have been.
  • Add smiley faces to SOME texts (when appropriate), but not every single one
  • Ask her to grab a coffee (nothing formal unless it’s getting serious)
  • Ask her to go to the library and do homework
  • Fbook chat her Sunday night recapping on how good it was seeing her this weekend
  • Compliment any friends of hers you may have met (ie: “it was cool getting to know your friends they’re really cool”…even if you don’t necessarily feel this way hehe)
  • Text her before Thursday night asking what her plans are for the weekend (so that it doesn’t seem like you’re just texting her as a booty call)
  • Ask if her she wants to walk to class together (if you live near and have similar schedules)
  • Use occasional nicknames like “kiddo, gooba, dude, brahhh”…little silly things that make you sound like a goof but that she’ll undoubtedly think are cute
  • Tell her she looks cute if you see her during the week in a “school attire” outfit (don’t solely compliment her looks on the weekend when she’s purposely dressed to impress)

(oh, this is DEFINITELY cute!)

  A girl thinks it’s clingy when you…

  • Text her more than she texts you
  • Are always the first one to text her
  • Fbook chats her every time she gets online
  • Post on her Fbook wall more than necessary
  • Continuously ask her to hang out even though she’s made excuses not to time after time
  • Ask if she’s mad at you, or if there’s “someone else” just because she hasn’t been texting you as much
  • Call her “babe” or similar pet names way too soon in the game

A girl thinks it’s crazy when you…

  • Double text: continue to text her even though she hasn’t even answered your first text
  • Make comments about other boys posting on her wall, or other boys you’ve seen her with
  • Request to be friends with her friends on facebook (ones you haven’t met) just so you can further creep on her life
  • Hassle her about hanging out
  • Expect her to see you at the end of a weekend night, and get mad if those plans fall through
  • Don’t take the hint “we’re just friends,” and keep trying to get with her
  • Get mad at her for hanging out with other guys (that is, if you’re not legit together or dating)
  • Try to talk to her friends about why she may not be talking to you/interested
  • Show any kind of “ownership” over her, as if no other boy has the right to talk to her or be friends
  • Tell her you love her when she clearly hasn’t made any indication that she feels the same
  • Make tweets or facebook statuses that are clearly about her (ie: “girl your games aren’t phasing me”)

(Something tells us she's not into the angry stares....)

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