Conor Langille, '16

Say hello to this week's cutie, Conor Langille!  Conor is a sophomore Mechanical Engineering major who has a thing for anatomy.  You can catch him playing flag football or hanging out in the Gables, but he will LITERALLY get annoyed if you talk too loud or have bad breath... sorry Conor, we had to ;).  If  you're down to get nautical, you can watch his favorite chick flick, Titanic, or get dinner on the beach in Nantucket with this cutie.  So read on to find out more about Conor, and dont worry, ladies, he is SINGLE!!





Hometown: Meredith NH

School/Year: CEPS ‘16

Major: Mechanical Engineering


UNH Life:

Residece: Sawyer Hall

Clubs/Activities: Flag football

Best Class: Anatomy

Worst Class: All but Anatomy



Fun Facts

Biggest Pet Peeve:  When people say literally and don’t literally mean it. Automatic sinks that can’t decide when to work.

Favorite Family Vacation:  Xel-ha in Mexico

Most embarrassing moment: Too many, but my most recent must be while listening to music with my headphones in at the library and figuring out that the headphone jack wasn’t all the way in and my music is on full blast coming through my computer. Just call me DJ Diamond!

Favorite Movie: Forest Gump

Favorite Chick Flick: Titanic

Favorite TV Show: Mythbusters

Celeb Crush: Adriana Lima

Dream Job: Being a Biomedical Engineer for Boston Medical

Favorite UNH sport:  Football

Favorite hangout spot on campus: Gables 403


Love Life

Single or Taken: Single

Ideal Girl: An outgoing, good looking girl that’s smart and can make me laugh.

Ideal Date:  Dinner on the beach in Nantucket

Funny Date Stories?:  Deciding to eat through a rainstorm on my front porch after I just made two goliath Maine lobsters, and acting like it was a sunny day.

Deal Breakers?: Narcissism, bad breath, unnecessarily loud


This or That:

Christensen or Williamson? Christiansen

Philly or Hoco? Philly

DHOP or Dominos? DHOP

Store 24 or CampCo? CampCo

Summer or Fall? Summer

Mac or PC? Mac

Advice to Freshmen:

Work hard and party harder!

If you could pick the next Campus Cutie who would it be and why?                                         

Sander Danielovich, good friend and a true man-dime