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Chipotle Vs. Tacomano

Well UNH, the votes are in…Chipotle or Tacomano? This week I was able to get some of your emotional, supportive and dedicated peers to give me their feedback on whether they go for the long time favorite Chipotle Mexican Grill, or the new up-and-coming Tacomano right here in Durham. There were some strong opinions defending either side, but there can only be one true mexican favorite. Here’s what you guys had to say: 

Emily Ahlstedt: Freshman 


“I’m all for Durham love, but Chipotle offers better everything. They watched me grow up. Just because I went to college doesn’t mean I can betray them. Loyalty before convenience.”


Ryan Walsh: Junior

“I feel at home with Chipotle.”


Ariel Rodriguez: Sophomore

“Tacomano #supportsmallbusiness”


Jessica Bonner: Senior


“Chipotle. Guac is better…everything is better…and they serve booze…and they have Pibb, soda that’s like Dr.Pepper…great soundtrack as well if y’all ever listened.”


Abu Elsheikh: Junior

“I think I would say Tacomano because Chipotle is big corporate restaurant and makes a ton of money while Tacomano is more local and smaller and it’s just starting out. I strongly believe in helping out the little people.”


Sarah Blaisdell: Sophomore

“Chipotle because they have sofritas and mama needs a good vegetarian option. And the chips are better.”

Tom Homer: Freshman


“I’ve never been to Tacomano and I never can. I could never betray my first true love; Chipotle.” 

Cora Lehet: Senior



It’s safe to say I think the winner for this round has to be Chipotle. It seems that you devoted burrito fans have to stay loyal to your original favorite, which in this case is good ‘ole Chipotle. Now, I know you Tacomano defenders might be mad about this article but I just wrote it (and may or may not have edited your pictures), so Tacomano lovers, dont hate the player (me), hate the mexican food game. 

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