Campus Cutie Jullian Turner '16

Introducing this week's campus cutie, Jullian Turner! Jullian is a sophomore from Pittsburg, PA and plays defense on the UNH football team (just look for #92!) Jullian is one of the most easy-going and hilarious people you will ever meet, and the best part about it is he doesn't even have to try. Let's get to know him!!


Hometown: Pittsburhg Pa

Major: Sports Studies, business minor, adolescent development minor


UNH Life

Residence: Above Froyo

Best Class: Intro to Puppetry

Worst Class: Anthropology, the study of nothing

Favorite place on campus? Any where outside that has somewhere nice for me to sit with a view

 Place on campus you love the food the most? Stillings, R.I.P. to the breakfast sandwhiches

Favorite UNH sport?  Football is #1, but I got love for the Hoop teams too

Favorite sport to watch? Basketball, Football and Boxing

Favorite type of music? Hip hop, rap and anything Alicia Keys puts out

Favorite music artist? I got too many favorites but Dom Kennedy, Wiz, and Kendrick always playing in my headphones

 Favorite part of UNH? The people here always knowing how to have a good time

Favorite UNH moment? Playing football here, but especially the homecoming and Maine games

 Why did you choose UNH? Besides the athletic reasons, I liked the type of place UNH was and I enjoyed most of the people I met when I visited

What are your plans after college? I want to open a community mentoring center run through different sports to help and support troubled youths

If you could give yourself a high school superlative, what would it be? Coolest kid in school

Fun facts? I love cartoons, I hate white socks, and I never tie my shoes

Favorite movie? The wood and the departed

 Favorite TV show?  Hardest question ever

Three things you can’t live without? Juice, Woldstar, and my homies

 Secret talent? Pretty good Juggler and card tricks

Sweetest thing you’ve ever done for a girl? On a random Thursday, i got dressed up and surprised her at work with some candy, then took her out and wined and dined her for the night

Favorite color? Blue and Grey

Dream job?  Actor or a Pro baseball player

Man Crush? Michael Ealy … No homo

 If you could have dinner with one person dead or alive who would it be?  Dave Chappelle, He’s the funniest man ever.

 If you could have one super power what would it be? Invisibility, nobody would ever catch me

Biggest celebrity crush? Alicia Keys, Always and forever

Blondes, brunettes or red heads? Brunettes

 Ideal date? Taking a little walk to somewhere we could kick it, get a little something to eat, good conversation and some jokes with that too

Most Embarrassing Moment? My mom put in the corner of a crowded restaurant when i was 14 because I kept fighting my brother


Christensen or Williamson? Willie

 Philbrook or HOCO? Philbrook, HOCO don’t have tv’s

Aroma Joes or BNG? Aroma Joes, only for the raspberry lemonade

House party or Frat basement? House Party

 Flats or heels? as long as she’s rocking right, I don't mind

Beach or lake? I never been to a beach before

Summer or fall? Summer time always

Scorps or Libby’s? Scorps

If you could choose next week’s campus cutie, who would it be and why? Dougie Moss because who doesn’t wanna know about Doug.