Campus Celebrity: Caree Pitts

Meet Caree Pitts, our latest Campus Celebrity! Whether she is practicing on the ice or studing in Paul College Business School, Caree has found her niche as a Sophmore student here at UNH!


Year: Sophmore

Major:Dual major in International Business and Marketing with a minor in Spanish  

Hometown: Amherst, NH


What clubs and orgs are you involved with at UNH?

I am a member of the Black Student Union and was involved with UNH Connect. I am also the head of the Membership Committee for Alpha Kappa Psi which is the co-ed business fraternity here on campus. I am on the women’s ice hockey club team and I give tours for the Paul Business school too!


Explain a little bit about the role of Alpha Kappa Psi at UNH.

A K Psi is all about networking and learning to develop your professionalism. We have different events on and off campus throughout the year. We actually just had our  dodgeball tournament for  Big Brothers Big Sisters and this weekend we are going to Attitash Mountain! We are going to Attitash to help out with their Polar Express event where little kids get to meet Santa. We are going to dress up as elves and Santa’s helpers and drive the kids to see him!



What is your background with ice hockey?

I actually started at 7 years old breakdancing on roller skates so it all started from that. You know the kind that you see in the movies? Yeah basically that. Then I moved to boys roller hockey and had a lot of fun with that. After doing roller hockey, I started ice hockey from ages 9 to 14 and began playing in tournaments every weekend on travel teams. In high school I was on the Varsity team all four years. Once I got to college, I knew that I wanted to continue to play ice hockey because I put so much work into it growing up so I decided to join the women’s club team!


How is the club hockey team record?

We have a winning record right now. Westfield was a tough game but we are on a good track to playoffs!




What is your position on the hockey team?




What is your favorite part about being on the UNH hockey team?

Getting to play hockey still in college and being able to oversee our team’s public relations!


What would be your advice to freshmen who may be hesitant to join a new club?

Just do it because everyone that I have met through these clubs and orgs are my best friends now. It is worth it to meet new people.




What is your favorite UNH sport to follow?

Mens rugby. A lot of my friends are on the team and it’s really fun to watch.



Where is your favorite place on campus?

Paul. Specifically the middle table of the three tables in great hall.



What is your favorite dining hall?

Stillings because it’s closest to Paul.



All photos courtesy of Caree Pitts.