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Brian Reardon

Here is this week's campus cutie ladies! There's no way to follow up UNH Homecoming 2014 rather than with a super cute guy who works at the games for Cat's Crew. Here is Brian Michael Reardon, a 19 year old, Business Administration Major who is originally from Middleton, Mass. Here at UNH he lives at the Gables and he's involved in many things on campus including: A Sports Marketing Internship with UNH Athletics and Intramural Basketball. He pretty much has all the right answers that will make every girl swoon, including having Blake Lively as his Dream Girl (yeah, she's ours too...). Keep reading below to see what his favorite things about UNH are and even see him holding a baby in a picture!!!! (and it's a cute baby, of course). 

UNH Favorites

Favorite Dining Hall: Philly

Favorite Place on Campus: The Whitt

Favorite Place off Campus: The beach with my golden retriever Cody.

Favorite Class: Accounting

Worst Class: Earth History, I'd suggest to avoid it at all costs.

Favorite Professor: Knowles.

Favorite UNH sporting Event? UNH Men’s Basketball games, you can always find me there.


What's your Favorite item of Clothing? I’m a khaki kinda guy.

Favorite Color? Blue.

Favorite Movie: Old School, Will Ferrell never disappoints.

Favorite Sport to Watch? Football

Favorite Sport to Play? Basketball to play

Favorite Hobby? I like to go out on the weekends.

What do you like in a girl?

Hair Color/Eye Color: I don’t discriminate.

What quality(s) do you look for in a girl? She’s got to have a good sense of humor, smart, and cute.

What is a deal breaker for a girl? Not being able to hold a conversation.

Do you have any secret talents? Making people laugh.

Relationship status? Single.

If you could have dinner with one person living or dead who would it be? Blake Lively (and yes he answered her for his Ideal Girl as well)

UNH Her Campus Editor in Cheif Member since 2012Junior Chi Omega SisterHelath Management and Policy Major with a Minor in Sociology Originally from Orono, ME. Lover of Fashion, Fall, and Food  
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