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Brad ’12


WSBE pulls through again with another stud for us, meet Brad. This businessman is a senior here at UNH. For all you fellow business majors, keep your eyes peeled for him in McConnell because his favorite place to meet girls is class. This cutie is single and attracted to girls who are naturally happy. What’s his favorite thing about UNH girls? He said it’s our easygoing manner and that we’re a pleasure to hang out with. Between his smashingly good looks and feel good vibes, Brad’s got our vote!

Hometown – Merrimack, NH

Major – Business Administration – Finance and Management

Relationship Status – Single

Blondes, brunettes, or red heads? Brunettes

Favorite movie? Transformers

Biggest turnoff? When I see a girl smoking… thats never on.

If you could be one guy celebrity, what would you be? Tom Brady

What song best describes you? Drake – Forever


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