The BEST Youtubers to Go Watch Right Now

I watch way more YouTube than I do TV or Movies. They’re shorter videos and obviously you can tailor your videos to whatever genre you like to watch! YouTubers and influencers have blown up in recent years and are now as big as some of the most famous TV and movie celebrities. Here are some of my favorite YouTubers at the moment and why you should watch them!


  1. 1. Brooke Miccio

    Brooke is a 23 year old lifestyle vlogger that currently lives in New York City. She posts videos twice a week that range from weekly vlogs to hauls and advice videos. She also has a podcast with Danielle Carolin called "Gals on the Go" that offers great advice, recommendations and personal stories... plus more! Brooke does a great job at being transparent about her life, including the ups and downs. Not to mention, she’s also wicked funny. You can find Brooke at:


      Instagram: @brookemiccio

      Twitter: @brookemiccio

  2. 2. Lauren Giraldo

    Lauren is the QUEEN of all things fashion. You also may know her from her Vine days as Princess Lauren. Nowadays, Lauren mainly posts fashion, home and lifestyle videos. It’s also worth mentioning her home/decor aesthetic is absolutely stunning. You also may have heard of the workout 12-3-30 (thanks TikTok). Lauren created that! She’s also currently renovating her garage into a sick workout space as well as sharing her fitness journey with all of her subscribers. P.S. her dog Lua is the cutest pup you ever did see! You can find Lauren at:


       Instagram: @laurengiraldo

       Twitter: @LaurenGiraldo

  3. 3. Whitney Simmons

    As Whitney says, "It’s a beautiful day to be alive!" For all of you fitness gurus, Whitney is your girl... although I’m sure you already knew that. With over 2 million subscribers, she may just be one of the most well known fitness YouTubers ever! She posts easy to follow workout videos, favorite’s videos and lifestyle vlogs. Her makeup game is also on point! Whitney also just got engaged, so be on the lookout for wedding vids! You can find Whitney at:


       Instagram: @whitneyysimmons

       Twitter: whitneyysimmons