Best Friend Cuties Mike Currie and Matt Nocella '14

Introducing best friends Mike Currie and Matt Nocella! Not only are these two cute, but they're also hilarious (especially together). Both are seniors here at UNH and are always up for a good time. You can find them at their house on Dennison, at Scorps on the weekends, or day drinking at Young with their buddies. Find out more about these two studs below!



Mike: Merrimack NH

Matt:  Merrimack NH

School & Major:

Mike: Communications, Chinese minor

Matt: Sociology, Justice Studies, Forensic Science minor


Mike: Im washed up

Matt: Intramural Softball

Where do you live on campus?

Mike: The Dirty Den

Matt: The Dirty Den

How did you two meet? First grade recess hittin on bitties 

What is the stupidest thing you’ve done together? 

Cut ourselves with knifes and rubbed our wounds together to be blood brothers


Likes and More:

Favorite Movie:

Mike: Lord of the rings

Matt: Lord of the rings/Harry Potter


Celeb Crush:

Mike: Reese Witherspoon

Matt: Melissa McCarthy

Guilty Pleasure:

Mike: Michael Jacksons greatest hit CD  

Matt: Baths/Shirley Temples(virgin)

Scorps or Libbys:

Mike: Scorps

Matt: Scorps

Biggest pet peeve:

Mike: Wounded soldiers at our house

Matt: When people leave a half inch of beer in their can/bottle


Fun Fact:

Mike: I got to take pictures with people in China because they thought I was important 

Matt: My father almost cut my leg off with a chainsaw

If you could describe your life in one song, what would it be and why?

Mike: nickelback rockstar, perfect song perfect life 

Matt: Creed, with arms wide open. I’m just that type of guy 

Man Crush:

Mike: Scott Eastwood most handsome man on the planet

Matt: Scott Eastwood 


UNH Life:

Best Class at UNH:

Mike: Germs

Matt: Theater and dance

Worst Class at UNH:

Mike: CMN 507

Matt: JUST 701

HoCo or Philly?

Mike: Philly

Matt: Philly

Favorite UNH Memory:

Mike: The riots on madbury court street cred went up

Matt: The riots on madbury court set off a pepper ball in my apartment

Favorite Spot on Campus:

Mike: 15 main/young drive day drinks

Matt: 15 main/young drive day drinks

Favorite Sport to Play:

Mike: Lacrosse

Matt:  Softball

Favorite Sport to Watch:

Mike: Hockey

Matt: Hockey

Advice to freshmen?

Mike: if you second guess doing something you don’t belong here 

Matt: Utilize the knot, it’s so underrated 

Dating Life:

Taken or Single?

Mike: Taken

Matt: Single

Ideal Date:

Mike: Dinner with a great view accompanied with great conversation ie wing night at scorps

Matt: Fast food drive through to save money, then catch a movie and hold hands the entire time till the point where sweat is dripping off them. 

Any funny dating stories?

Mike: Matt thought I was really cool in high school cause I had girlfriends, he never did

Matt: I made out with Sarah McCann one time lol

Deal Breakers:

Mike: If they order a salad

Matt: If they are not funny


Next Campus Cutie: Tyler Mitnick because then the Den would be 4 for 4