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Being Your Own Nail Tech

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Who doesn’t love the look of their nails freshly done? I definitely do. Going to the nail salon every two weeks and spending $50 on a fresh coat of paint is not in the vocabulary when living on a college budget. DIY nails can sound terrifying and it definitely scared me at first, especially with the coordination I have but after some practice, I can consider myself my own personal nail tech.

Gel nails

Simple. Easy. Durable.

Always start out with filing and cleaning up your nails while using alcohol to dry them out. Use the base coat your kit comes with, and cure it in the lamp for 60 seconds. Clean around your nails if you get any of the liquid around your cuticles so it does not dry your skin. I normally use a cotton swab or toothpick to go around the perimeter of my nails Choose your color and do two to three layers curing it for 60 seconds in between each layer (some lighter colors require three layers). Apply your top coat and cure it under the lamp for 60 seconds and your nails are looking fresh and new!

Gellen Nail Kit- Comes with everything!

dip nails

Using a dip kit can be scary but after my first time doing it myself I realized it was pretty easy! I personally do two nails at a time instead of doing one hand at a time. Use the base/top coat to coat your nails and dip it into the color powder that you want. Let it sit for 30 seconds then take the brush it comes with to wipe the excess powder away. If it looks chunky, thick, or uneven don’t worry! Apply the base coat again and dip your nail in the powder again and wait. Then take the activator and apply. Wait 60 seconds and take a nail file or drill to shape the polish until it is even and how you like it. then apply the top coat twice waiting two minutes in between and ta-da, amazing dip nails! Below is my favorite dip kit that I have been using and have loved!

Dip Kit!

With these tips and tricks to become your own nail tech in your own dorm room, you can save so much money. All the kits out there are practically the same price or even cheaper than only one trip to the nail salon. The first few times you may be scared and frustrated with the results, but trust me after three times of doing your nails yourself you will never be returning back to the nail salon spending all your money.

Victoria is a senior marketing and management major at the University of New Hampshire. She can most likely be reading her Kindle, watching 'New Girl' or 'Too Hot To Handle', or traveling!