Balancing Life

As a college student, finding balance can be very difficult. Homework, class, being social, working out, work, eating, sleeping, relaxing- it all can be a lot. If you become too overwhelmed, shutting down can feel like the only option.

For me personally, finding a way to balance it all has been very relieving. Believe me- it's not easy, but there is a first, important step: Realizing what your needs are. This is crucial when planning when to see people, when to be by yourself, and everything else.

To find balance, I find it's easier to plan activities out in a planner or agenda, or even just on a whiteboard calendar. Seeing everything laid out in front of you can help so that the feeling of being overwhelmed doesn't absorb you.

For example, I know that I get lunch the same day every week with one of my friends. So I write it down in my planner so that 1) I remember, and 2) I know it fits in my schedule. Something I have also found convenient is looking at your syllabi and planning everything out week by week. This way, nothing gets piled up all at once. Once the semester starts up, it's easy to feel like all the homework piles on top of each other. I like to plan out which day I am doing what so that I know all the work is spread out into a manageable schedule, which also makes me feel more organized.

While being social and getting your work done are two key aspects of college, I think having alone time and space can help you recharge and destress. Being able to find that time to just lay in bed and watch Netflix feels more and more therapeutic the further along into the semester it is. But sometimes, to get these moments, you need to say no to things- and that is a perfectly okay thing to do! If you know you will benefit from being by yourself and not being required to talk to anybody, then that is a good enough excuse to say no to hanging out. 

For me, it's easy to look at all the things I have to do and freak out. But learning a way to plan it all out and know what I need for my mental health has helped me get through day by day. Don’t be afraid to write down all that you have to do, even if it's getting food! It both helps you remember all your plans and also makes it easier to not get everything piled on top of each other. It also builds in time to relax and it is a great feeling. 

Balance is very important to manage life, so I hope some of these tips helped with organization and feeling like there is a way to have some control over day to day plans!