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‘Bachelor’Recap: Hometown Dates

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNH chapter.

Hometown dates is by far one of the best episodes of ‘The Bachelor’ season. Last week, Nick got the chance to visit four hometowns: Raven, Rachel, Corinne, and Vanessa. 

In case you missed the episode in here to give you a little recap: 


For Ravens date, Nick got the chance to travel to her hometown in Arkansas. The date started with the couple riding ATV’s and getting a little dirty playing around in the mud.

The pair then went to Raven’s house where Nick got the chance to meet her parents and brother. During this time Raven found out some great news which was that her dad who had been battling cancer is now cancer free. 

After having dinner with Raven’s parents and getting the chance to speak with her family, it seemed that everyone approved of Nick. Most importantly, Raven came close to telling Nick she loved him. 


Nicks second hometown date was with the beautiful Rachel. I thought this hometown was the most interesting because it brought up a lot of conversation on race. 

The date started with Rachel taking Nick to a predominantly black church since faith is something she feels so strongly about. After, Nick gets the chance to meet Rachels family. One of the biggest let downs of this episode was that Nick didn’t get to meet Rachels dad (something we’ve obviously all been waiting for). 

The dinner with Rachel’s family gets a little uncomfortable as the topic of race is brought up many times. Rachels family seemed a little hesitant about Nick because Nick has never seriously dated a black girl. 

In the end, it’s obvious that her family only wishes that she is happy and truly in love with Nick. 


The moment that I think all of Bachelor nation was waiting for was Nicks hometown date with Corinne. I mean it’s about time we all got to meet her nanny Raquel! 

The couple’s date takes place in Corinne’s hometown Miami and obviously, her ideal date is taking Nick shopping (is anyone surprised)? During their shopping extravaganza, Corinne buys Nick over $3,000 in clothes and tells Nick she is in love with him (not too shabby). 

At the dinner with her family, Nick gets the chance to meet her dad, mom, sister, and of course Raquel. Though Corrine’s dad seems a little worried about Nick like most fathers would, he can definitely tell how happy his daughter is. 


The episode finishes off with Nicks hometown date with Vanessa. Vanessa is a special ed teacher so their date starts with her bringing Nick to meet her students. During their date, you can tell just how important Vanessa means to them and how much her students love her. 

Since Vanessa’s parents are divorced, Nick spends half of his time having dinner with Vanessa’s mom’s side of the family and the other half with her dads. Vanessa’s mom’s side of the family is a large group of Italians so naturally, they had many questions for Nick. One of their main worries was that since Vanessa lives in Canada, they live on separate ends of the country. 

At dinner with her dad, Nick asks for permission to marry Vanessa and this stirs up a bit of drama. Although her dad eventually gives Nick his blessing, you can tell he still doesn’t seem too confident in their relationship. 

Overall, the hometown dates were interesting and the episode ends with a reappearance from former bachelorette Andi Dorfman. What could she possibly want? Guess well have to wait and see! 


This is the general account for the University of New Hampshire chapter of Her Campus! HCXO!