Andrew Speicher, '16


Introducing this week's campus cutie, Andrew Speicher!  Andrew is a sophomore this year and his claim to fame is that he is a founding father of the Kappa Sigma fraternity here at UNH!  If you're looking for this cutie, you might find him at the Whitt watching Hockey or getting late night DHOP on the weekends.  So single ladies keep reading on and keep your eyes out 'cause this cutie is on the market!!



Hometown: Peabody, MA

School/Year: COLA ‘16

Major: Undeclared


UNH Life:

Residence: 6 Mill Road

Clubs/Activities: Founding father of Kappa Sigma

Best Class: Math

Worst Class: Macroeconomics


Fun Facts :

Biggest pet peeve: The rookies working the omelet bar at Philly

Favoritevacation:  High school graduation trip to Dominican Republic with 7 of my best friends.

Favorite movie: Grandma’s Boy

Favorite chick flick: Mean Girls

Favorite TV show: Pawn Stars and Entourage

Celeb Crush: I can’t choose between the two, so Selena Gomez and Kate Upton

Dream job: Something where I can help people and travel

Favorite UNH sport: Hockey

Favorite hangout spot on campus: The Whitt


Love Life :

Single or taken: Single

Ideal girl: Very Outgoing

Ideal date: Dinner at a very nice restaurant, followed by a place to stay for the night with a great view

Funny Date Stories: Unfortunately no

Deal breakers: Loud, controlling, & lack of intelligence


This or That:

Christensen or Williamson: Christensen

Philly or Hoco: Philly, no hesitation

DHOP or Dominos: They’re both clutch late night, but I like DHOP

Store 24 or CampCo: Sammy and the CampCo boys of course

Summer or Fall: Summer

Mac or PC: Mac…..but I have a pc

Advice to Freshmen: Have as much fun as possible

If you could pick the next Campus Cutie who would it be and why: Danny Groark, because he’s a stud standing at 6’1” and is on the club A Hockey team.