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Andrew Coukos ’12

Meet our new Her Campus Celebrity, Andrew Coukos. He recently was elected as student body president. He’s a junior, studying Political Science and is from Newton Massachusetts. He’s so excited to begin next year as president and took a little time out of his day to talk with us about his newfound fame.
What is your favorite thing about UNH?
I come from a big hockey family, so I really appreciate how competitive the hockey program is here at UNH. I also love the natural beauty of campus and feeling like I get to soak it in as I walk around campus.

(Andrew and his Vice President Jessica!) 

What do you do for fun at UNH?
I hang out in the MUB, get food at Hoco with friends–the typical things. When the weather’s nice, I like to spend time outside either on T-hall lawn or elsewhere on campus and soak in the sun with good company.
How did you find campaigning for president? Easy or hard?
Campaigning was no easy task, but I had a lot of support. While I was campaigning, the hardest part was the amount of time I had to put into it while still managing to be a good student. I don’t think I’ll be able to repeat my 4.0 from last semester, which I think is more or less because of the campaign. But it’s worth it!

What made you want to get into student government on campus?
I first got involved in student government last year when my girlfriend at the time encouraged me to join Student Senate. I really enjoyed it, and this year I was in the leadership position of External Affairs Council Chair. I thought, “This is great! I know I enjoy this, but it’s so frustrating! I have so many thoughts and ideas about the Big Picture at UNH, but I can’t really pursue them because my position limits me.” That’s when I began to consider running for Student Body President; the rest is history.
What do you plan on doing next year with your presidency?
I have four full pages in a word document of projects for next year and crude plans to implement them. I’m can’t wait to start. One of the projects I’m most passionate about is finding ways to strengthen the sense of a UNH community. I also want to make sure I stay well connected to the Student Body and communicate with them well.

Will we see you run for president someday?
Oh, perhaps one day, who knows. But before I run, I need to find the First Lady.

Marissa Marano is a senior at University of New Hampshire. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Communications with a minor in Business. She is from Danbury, Connecticut. She is involved in her sorority Alpha Phi at school as well as the Marketing Club. Outside of school Marissa enjoys blogging, traveling, and shopping.
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