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Alex Preston

Name: Alex Preston

Hometown: Mont Vernon, New Hampshire

Major (while at UNH): Business and Pre-Med

Although all of our campus celebrities are so worthy of a spotlight and being regarded as a ‘celebrity’, this weeks’ may just take the cake. For those of you who haven’t heard his name or his story, this is something you do not want to miss. Let this fellow Wildcat inspire you!

Alex Preston was a UNH student during his freshman year, which is when he decided to pause his dream to be a dermatologist and pursue a singing career. He did this by moving to Tennessee with his cousin, who is actually Jo Dee Messina. Very recently, he returned to New Hampshire, where he was presented with so many wonderful opportunities, including the “Open for Mixfest” competition, where he opened for The Backstreet Boys, Gavin Degraw, and Of Monsters and Men. This is when he made the decision to audition for American Idol, along with around 100,000 other people.

Much to his surprise, Preston got a call back. And, it didn’t end there. Not even close. Preston is now a very significant participant on the show. How significant? He is one of the top 5 finalists!

In an interview with The New Hampshire, Preston voiced that event though there are many talented artists on the show, he believes he has a chance of winning. He also stated “I never thought that I could ever make the show. Now it’s all so real and happening so fast. I just got to enjoy it I guess.”


This week’s campus celebrity should really make all of you Wildcats believe that you really can do anything you really put your full potential into. Don’t be afraid to take risks, because you never know just how wonderful the outcomes could be!

Don’t miss Alex’s single (which was released in September of 2013)


Also, be sure to follow him on twitter and like his Facebook Fan Page!



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