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Recently, I went on the first vacation that I have been on in years. My boyfriend and I decided we wanted to do something fun over spring break instead of just rotting in bed at home. After a few days of careful consideration, we decided on Miami Beach. Now, I know what you may be thinking: with all of the “breaking up with spring break” articles and headlines, why on earth would you still decide to go there? Well for one, my boyfriend and I are both under 21, so the chances that we would be involved with those crowds were slim to none. Also, we wanted to experience what Miami Beach was like at least once in our life even if it was a crazy experience. I can now report back to you that it indeed was not as crazy as they projected it to be. Miami Beach was beautiful and I would highly recommend it to anybody who has considered going. It is a once in a life experience and it is so worth it. So now that I am back, I decided to write a small guide for anyone who may want to visit or is contemplating visiting. I want to give you all a taste of what it is really like and give you some of the endless things there are to do there. 

The first thing I recommend is a shopping center like the Dolphin Mall, the Aventura Mall or even the Lincoln Road Mall. I went to the Dolphin Mall and had an insane experience. This mall is like no other. Although you may be thinking to yourself, there are tons of malls around me, why would I go on vacation to go to a mall? Just trust me. This mall is the second largest mall in Miami-Dade County, coming in at over a million square feet. The Dolphin Mall has everything you can imagine. From Burlington Coat Factory to Bass Pro Shops, this mall has everything in between. I can’t forget to mention the two enormous food courts that have almost any type of cuisine you could ever want. If you want something easy and relaxing to spend one of your days doing, this is it. You could spend hours in this mall without even trying. 

The next thing I recommend is the Kaseya Center. This all-purpose center, just about 25 minutes from Miami Beach, hosts everything from Miami Heat games to concerts. My boyfriend and I went to see a Heat game during our time in Florida, and it was so cool to be able to experience what another team’s stadium is like. If we go back, I would love to experience another game or even a concert. I highly encourage you to find any event that interests you just to go check out this amazing arena.

Coming up next is Bayside Marketplace. Located right next to the Kaseya Center, think of Faneuil Hall, but smaller. Although smaller, this marketplace has some pretty cool stores inside. The highlight of my trip actually came from something I did in this marketplace. For $20, I got to hold tons of parrots and take pictures with them. As an animal lover, especially birds, this was such an insane experience and I could not stop smiling the entire night. This marketplace also holds tons of tourist shops, an amazing smoothie kiosk and even a Hard Rock Cafe. Right behind these shops, you can even ride a sky wheel that gives you incredible views of the city at night. The wheel is right along the water, and for only $35 per person, my boyfriend and I got to ride for around 25 minutes. I highly recommend this area if you love pretty views and shopping. 

The next thing I highly recommend is booking a reservation at Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen. This restaurant was an experience that was truly like no other. The waiter or waitress pulls out the chairs for you to sit, reads the menu to you and even gets you new utensils anytime you dirty them. Although pricey, this is an experience that you cannot beat. The food came out in a reasonable time and everyone makes sure that everything is to your liking before they leave. The food was delicious and although the portions seemed small, I was completely stuffed by the time we left. This is the perfect place for a cute date night or even for a fun gathering with friends. 

Last but definitely not least, I highly recommend the Zoo Miami. This is a zoo that spans 750 acres and takes about five to six hours to completely get through. Make sure the temperature is right when deciding to go because you are going to do tons of walking with little to no shade. This zoo had basically any animal imaginable. The walking trails take you through Africa, Australia, Asia and even the rainforest, just to name a few. I loved watching all the animals and spending time in the beautiful weather. My boyfriend and I spent about three hours there and still did not get to see everything. We were very content with what we were able to see though, and the gift shop had the cutest souvenirs. 

Overall, I highly recommend taking a trip to Miami Beach at some point in your life. Some of the attractions in this guide may seem a little far, but there are tons of ways to get to them. Ubers, Lyfts, trolleys, metros and even shuttles are constantly running around these areas, so you can always find a ride. The trip was a little bit on the pricier end, but it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and the money will always come back. Thank you for reading my article, and I hope this encourages you to travel. 

I enjoy spending time with my boyfriend as well as my friends and family. I have a cat names Max. My favorite hobby is going shopping.