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Top Five Things To Do In New York City At Christmas Time

  1. Horse and carriage ride through central park
    • A horse and carriage rides are always a great way to tour the park during any season, but in the winter when the ground and trees are covered in a layer of snow, it makes the park look even more beautiful! Plus, you can stay warm under a blanket in the carriage rather than walking around.
  2. Skating at Rockefeller Center
    • At night under the glow of the Christmas lights and huge Christmas tree is where you can skate the night away with friends or family! There’s a different feeling when you’re skating on the rink rather than just looking in!
  3. Top of the Empire State Building
    • This destination is also fun to observe any time of the year, but during the holiday season at night when the city and all the Christmas lights are lit up, you have the most perfect view of the entire city lit up with color and so much more.
  4. Catch a Broadway show
    • Obviously, Broadway shows run year-round, but going to the theatre at Christmas time has a different, happier feel to it. Everyone is in good spirits and if you’re lucky they might even be featuring a holiday show!
  5. Shopping
    • Shopping in New York is always a must! Usually around Christmas time stores offer discounts and deals so you can get all your holiday shopping done!

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