8 Ways to Get Through the Winter Break Blues

While the thought of putting down those textbooks and wrapping up your classes seems far-off, we are just 3 short weeks away from finals. As the end of the fall semester approaches quickly you may be eager to head home for the holidays. Here at UNH we have nearly 5 weeks of winter break, allowing for just enough time to suffer through the winter break blues. If you’re anything like me the low-key atmosphere of home doesn’t compare to the constant excitement of college life. With all this new found free time, it’s easy to become bored and slip into a funk. Fortunately, the following will provide you with 8 ways to avoid the winter break blues.


Work, work, work

Between late night runs to DHOP and early morning trips to Dunks we all know how expensive college life can be. For many, it may be difficult to maintain a job during the busy semester. Working when you’re home will not only keep you from boredom but will also replenish that savings account for second semester. If you’re unable to find a long term job, Facebook and Care.com are excellent sources for babysitting gigs. 


Take day trips

If you’re from a small town like me, it’s easy to get sick of your surroundings. I found that the simplest way to cure winter break blues was to take day trips with family and friends. Take a ride into the city or explore a new place.


Visit your college friends

One of the hardest parts about going home for winter break is having to endure a 5 week separation from your closest college friends. If you have the opportunity and live close enough, try your best to take a weekend and visit your friends. This allows you to not only explore a new place but will also help to make the break feel a lot shorter. 


Get outside

No matter what kind of person you are, getting outside and enjoying the fresh air can help you to avoid the winter blues. If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere with snow, skiing, hiking, ice skating and snowshoeing are all fun ways to stay active while also getting outside. 


Prepare for spring semester

While I realize that this may seem far away, spring semester can creep up quickly. I’ve found that it’s important to organize my schedule and find required textbooks before returning to campus. Winter break can always be a good time to catch up on future material especially if you are taking a full year course. 


Get back into your hobbies

Because college can be so busy, maintaining hobbies may be difficult. Whether you spend your free time reading, pursuing photography or playing an instrument, winter break is the time to pick that hobby back up. Or, if you desire, start a whole new hobby. 


Take time for yourself

However you care to pamper yourself, now is the time to do it. Though we may not care to admit it, our health and well-being may sometimes moved to the backburner as college life and academics take importance. So put Netflix on and do that face mask because after the long fall semester, you deserve it. 


Spend time with your friends and family

It’s normal to miss your family and friends when you’re away at college. The next 5 weeks will allow you to transition back into that home life and give you the opportunity to spend time with those close to you. Being social and engaging with family and friends will help to make your winter break far more enjoyable. So sit down with your family and have a movie night, or call up your friends and ask them to get lunch because before you know it you’ll be back at UNH and missing them again.