6 Things I've Learned During My 6 Weeks in Stoke

1. Invest in a Doorstop

You’ve probably heard it a million times but I’ll say it again… Keep your door open! Say hi when people walk by- it’s the easiest way to make friends.


2. Befriend Your RA and Hall Director

Maybe I’m biased, but Stoke’s RAs and Hall Directors are some of the coolest people you’ll meet. From Floor Wars to weekly socials, they really want to help build the Stoke community. You never know when Jimmy will be sitting in the lobby with a table full of ice cream or grilled cheese!


3. Welcome to Wildkitty

Also known as the danger zone. A lot of your dining dollars will be spent here, but where else will you fulfill your quesadilla or Ben & Jerry’s ice cream craving at midnight? It’s literally your backyard.



4. Stoke Has a Reputation - Take it as You Will

You can partake in Stoke weekend happenings, or you don’t have to. Parties are fun, but a movie night with your new friends and some popcorn is a-okay.


5. Expect the Unexpected

In addition to #4, weird things happen in Stoke on the weekends. Don’t be surprised when there’s ketchup dripping down the stairs, vomit in the hall, or an “accident” on the bathroom windowsill.



6. There’s No Other Place I’d Want to Spend my Freshman Year

There are some awesome people here! There’s always something going on and someone to hang out with.