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50 Shades of Awkward

After the much anticipated bachelorette movie of the year raked in $81.7 million its opening weekend, the real buzz started to surface. If you were disappointed in the acting, story, and overall sexiness of the movie, then read on my friend, and relive those cringe-worthy moments. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, let this article sway your opinion to going to a different movie, like Hot Tub Time Machine 2.

Here were some of the reactions from watching the movie:

1. How annoying the whole movie was.

The biggest annoyance was generally how uncomfortable Ana’s character made me. I wanted to jump through the movie screen and snap her back to reality. Hello, pull it together, there’s a hot billionaire talking to you.

2. The awkward lip biting.

How awkward was Ana biting her lip all the time? Was she trying to cover up a cold sore, or does she think that’s how to flirt?

3. How naïve Ana is.

The funniest part of the entire film was when Christian shows Ana the door to his playroom and she asks if it’s where his Xbox is. But I don’t think that was meant to be a light hearted moment…

4. Ana letting Christian push her around…literally

Ana totally let Christian dominate her in a bossy kind of way. Stand up for yourself, girlfriend. Money, power, and good looks aren’t everything…

Mr. Grey will see you now….watching another movie at the theater next door.

Senior Communication major; Media Practices Application
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