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With the holiday season coming so soon the best way to enjoy the holidays is to embrace it! Doing this with friends and family is key to making the most of the best time of the year. I have not met anyone who does not love the holiday season and when you come together to create new memories and make the most of it, the season only gets better!

1. Friendsgiving

Starting the holiday season off with a Friendsgiving is the best way to create memories with your friends, get creative, push your cooking abilities and impress your friends. Get your closest friends to come to your apartment or even your dorm and have everyone cook their favorite Thanksgiving food to have the best meal while you are at school! Cooking a massive turkey for all your guests will be impressive to all of them and an experience for your roommates to have while making your wifey status even better.

2. group movie nights

Whether it is watching corny rom-com movies on live TV or watching the best holiday movies on Netflix and Hulu, movie nights with your roommates, boyfriend, and family are the best. To make the movie nights even better, my favorite is making a huge batch of hot chocolate and lighting a candle. Watching the classic Christmas movies with the girls while wearing comfy pajamas is the best relaxing feeling. Another great way to make a group movie night even better is having a cookie-baking competition or even a gingerbread house competition!

3. decorating

Setting a day aside to get together with your loved ones to put up decorations, whether it is for Christmas, fall decor, winter decor, or any other is so much fun to do together. It is one of my favorite things when my dad is outside putting up lights on the house and me and my mom are putting up the tree and decor inside with some holiday music on. Making sure a holiday movie is on or even making a plan to do a movie night after makes it all that more special. If there are little kids in your family, you could always do a family craft night and make your own ornaments or decorations too!

4. Christmas light hunt

One of my personal favorites to do in the holiday season is getting in a car with my best friends and going on a drive looking at all the Christmas lights. Some of the best ways to see the best houses in your area are to look for a list of addresses on Facebook or online. Some busier areas have websites where you can find lists of the most popular houses. Grab a hot cocoa, play some loud holiday music with your best friends, sing at the top of your lungs and just enjoy looking at all the creativity and hard work of other people.

5. secret Santa

The most exciting activity you can do with friends is having your own little Christmas get-together! If you hosted Friendsgiving you could draw names from a hat, determine a day, figure out a budget and have a secret Santa gift swap! There are also many online generators to be able to assign each person to another person. You can get really creative with the game with themes, and limitations, or even make it all about food! When it is with all your closest friends it gets interesting because everyone knows each other well enough to be able to get good gifts that will make everyone happy! The mystery of the game is what is the heart of the excitement!

No matter what you celebrate or how elaborate you want to embrace the holiday season, there is something for everyone to enjoy! Each holiday season is different and you can mix up the traditions you participate in or even start new ones with your loved ones. Try to make this list of holiday activities a bucket list for this holiday season to have the most exciting time of the year!

Victoria is a senior marketing and management major at the University of New Hampshire. She can most likely be reading her Kindle, watching 'New Girl' or 'Too Hot To Handle', or traveling!