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5 Ways to Stand Out from the Crowd in Snowy Durham



Its winter here in Durham, which means, without fail, the campus is filled with girls wearing fleeces and knee length thermals. Don’t get me wrong, staying warm is a serious necessity, but there are other options at your disposal that will set you apart from the crowd.

This time of year you can typically walk in to any fraternity or house party and find a group of girls fighting or crying over a stolen north face. Everyone has the same size small black fleece, or $350 thermal Eskimo jacket. And no one is careful about where they put it or whose is whose. Allow me to help. Here’s 5 ways to stay warm, stylish, and unique in the dead of Durham’s winter.

1. Your best way of staying warm and never losing your coat is by buying yourself an inexpensive frat jacket. This can be anything. My personal favorites are typically a bit dressier and made from wool. While you’re out looking your best the last thing you want to do is dress yourself down by throwing on a fleece. There’s a great selection of inexpensive jackets, wool and others, here. 

2. Ankle Warmers. It sounds a bit like yoga-wear but with the right pair of booties and some good knitwear these a sure way to stay chic and comfortable. Try these fun ones on for size. 

3. Leather gloves. My friends all tell me I’m too Europeans these days for Durham, but I don’t care. One thing the Italians know how to do is look good, and the Florentine leather is too sensational to ignore. Leather gloves are your best friend this time of year because they are wind resistant, stylish, and text savvy. It’s the best of all worlds. A few inexpensive pairs can be found at H&M!

4. Earmuffs. They are making a comeback this year and I could not be more pleased. Earmuffs are a girls best friend because they don’t give you hat hair unlike a normal ear warmer. This is an easy accessory you can have fun with: In my opinion, the crazier the better. Find a few good ones here at TopShop!

5. Last but not least, my latest addiction: Jeffrey Campbell Lita Platform Boots. These may be for the more adventurous, but here’s the deal: If you’re determined to wear heels in the snow, THESE ARE YOUR BEST FRIENDS. They give you an amazing extended leg, comfort, and height all in one. The platform is large enough to provide more stability then your average pump, and the heel is wide enough for a slip-free walk. The best part? They come in all colors. Find them atwww.NastyGal.com

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