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5 Struggles of Being a Tall Girl

1. Your pants will never fit right

Going to a store is never easy. You think you know your pant size, but you really don’t. You may think you found the perfect pair of pants, but when you look down they are just five inches too short. Being a tall girl, you CANNOT buy pants from just any department store.


2. You always rock the 3/4 sleeve look

Unfortunately, your arms are so long that you tend to look like a squid. All shirts turn into crop tops and all sleeves are way too short.

3. You really can’t put any clothes in the dryer

Clothes shrink. A lot. And if you put them in the dryer… they will shrink and they will not fit you anymore, so whatever you do… do NOT put them in the dryer.


4. No, I don’t play basketball.

In reality, every tall person plays basketball, but please do not ask me one thousand times if I play it… I know I’m tall, but really?

5. Boys are always too short for you 

ALL boys will be shorter or at least super close to your height. You won’t ever get that adorable height difference that other cute couples get. And I guess it’s not THAT bad.

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