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5 Staple Must Haves For Fall Fashion

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNH chapter.

September 22nd officially marks the day where we say goodbye to summer. Leaves start to change, and the fall festivities start. Which also means it is time to say au revoir to shorts and crop tops, and bonjour to button-ups and leggings. Even though Fall Fashion Week 2016 was months ago, it is time we start implementing these new styles into our wardrobes. Before we start I would like to clarify, none of these photos are mine and none of the photos are of me. 


1. Boots

 Tall riding boots are the staple to every fall wardrobe. If you are pairing them with long socks, or dark wash jeans, they go with everything. 

Another classic trend is booties. This year with the new trends, suede booties are a must. Booties are perfect if you are running late in the mornings and need to throw on a sweater and leggings, or if you want to dress them up with a nice outfit. A new vastly growing trend is suede, many celebrities (i.e Kylie Jenner) have started the trend of wearing over the knee boots with jeans or a dress. If you are trying to make a statement, over the knee boots are a perfect fit for you. 



2.) Sweaters

        Who doesn’t love sweaters? Since Fashion Week 2016, one of this years popular new fall color is a taupe/light pink. Another new fall hit is lace-up sweaters. Oversized sweaters are some of the comfiest of fall attire. Among other things, especially with sweaters the bigger the better.


3. Blanket Scarves 

  Is it a blanket or is it a scarf? Technically it can serve as both, and is the perfect accessory for those bitter fall days. Blanket scarves are the warmest accessory you can choose to wear. One of the perks of a blanket scarf is you can wear them in a plethora of ways, so everyday you can change up your look!

4. Vests

 To match your new sweaters, a go-to neutral color vest is a must. Wearing a vest creates that layered look while getting extra warmth on chilly days. Either going to class, or a tailgate a vest is a versatile statement. 

5. Oversized Totes 

 Oversized bags are the perfect staple to your fall outfit. You can fit everything you need for the entire day, and spare clothes if you plan at staying at a friends. A plain leather bag goes with just about anything, and you can use it in so many different ways. Like I said before ladies, the bigger the better so just go for oversized. 









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