5 Reasons to Love Demi Lovato

From her new album, documentary and just slaying at everything she does, Demi’s career keeps skyrocketing day by day. Here are 5 reasons you gotta love her.

                  1. She was our childhood rock star 

From Camp Rock to her original hits like “Did You Forget” and “Here We Go Again,” Demi was one of our original rock stars. We pretty much grew up with her. She brought an edge that a lot of Disney stars didn’t and it was no question that she was no average talent.

                2. She is all about body positivity

Demi radiates body positivity. She constantly promotes self love to her fans and the world; reminding them you are beautiful and no one can tell you otherwise.

3. She is hilarious

From her Disney days to present day interviews, Demi has an amazing sense of humor. She’s witty and even can get a little risqué. We can also agree she has one of the best laughs.

                4. She keeps it real

For years Demi has been open about her struggles with alcohol, drugs and self harm. She shares a lot of details of her hard past in her new YouTube documentary, Simply Complicated. She advocates for mental health awareness and even has offered free therapy sessions at all her concerts for current tour.

                 5. Her voice and music are out of this world

No one can deny that Demi has one of the best voices in the business. She can hit notes that many artists can’t and even got nominated for a Grammy this year. Her new album, Tell Me You Love Me, brings a more soulful and R&B sound that is doing great on the charts.