5 Podcasts You Should Listen to in the New Year

The Daily

"The Daily is a daily news podcast and radio show by the American newspaper The New York Times. Hosted by Times political journalist Michael Barbaro, its episodes are based on the Times' reporting of the day with interviews of journalists from the New York Times." - Wikipedia

This is the podcast I listen to every weekday morning. While the New York Times has been known for its slightly left-wing bias, I find this podcast gives me all the most important facts I need without many opinions added in. They give me what I would get from watching any national news, without having to sit in front of my TV for an hour! This is my top recommendation for anyone who's looking to add an informational podcast to their daily routine.

Not Another Anxiety Show

This podcast has been very informative for me since being diagnosed with GAD. Every episode, Kelly Walker and her co-host, Erica Leathem, tackle a new concept in the world of anxiety. They cover topics such as breathing techniques, personal experiences, the biology behind panic attacks, and so much more. They most recently just released their 200th podcast! It's a wonderful podcast to have on in the background while doing homework, or to listen to in-depth when you want to learn more about those struggling with an anxiety disorder. 5/5 stars!


Sent to me by a very awesome family friend, I was first introduced to this podcast during their 4th season (they are now on season 5). Each season, this podcast "dissects" an album. Each episode is one song off the album, and they in-depth analyze the song- line by line, word by word. The seasons are as follows:

1. "To Pimp a Butterfly" / Kendrick Lamar

2. "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" / Kanye West

3. "Blonde" / Frank Ocean

4. "Flower Boy" / Tyler the Creator

5. "DAMN." / Kendrick Lamar

Stuff You Should Know

This podcast is the one I have been listening to the longest, and what I get most of my completely random facts from! Hosts Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant tell the history and workings of a new topic each episode. They've hyper-explained matters such as sand dunes, trampolines, fossils, igloos, and even pizza. Their friendly, hilarious dynamic makes the podcast a very entertaining listen- plus it gives you quite a lot of unique knowledge to pull out at parties!

The End of the World with Josh Clark

This podcast is the second on this list with Josh Clark involved. I just absolutely love how he interprets and explains the world. In this 10-episode podcast, Josh tells us what dangers to humanity lurk just beyond our comprehension. He discusses concepts such as AI, biotechnology, and intelligence beyond Earth. This fascinating podcast is a great addition to your toolbelt if you're looking to have a quick existential crisis.